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luni, 21 noiembrie 2011


I dare  for more. I dare to stigmatize the age of egotism. It was the first mask, The Revival of Freedom no Boredom to last for more this lays within collapsed Truth.
 On Egotism’s facetted were hidden form all – as above as bellow- like self-defence to  human behaviour. Thoughts have to be declared as resources of mind’s exploration to be as much as you could. A thought could tear apart your self-breath as like heart stoned in the centre of the World. We have lost all the rest and peace, we are dying beneath our self-improved fears. It has got struggles your wits like never before, are you there to contemplate this vivid mood?!I was there before you have come to speak for my emptiness. And the universal arises from high-spirited colours like rainbow. Too many  times I have wandered for nothing in common with the rest of mankind’s breed. I do not belong to obscure and promiscuous fate of Man. I am like I was have never been before: DREAM.

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