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luni, 3 decembrie 2012

Velvet Note 13 Black/White Commas

Motto : Did you know it before you’ve opened your eyes and looked around.Where?There?Shall I?

We do all negotiate policies of hunger, these days, might be so mean, who were they??!!Tricks may say to all.The unleashed  FORMICARIUM  ate the great suga-bones, jumped on war machines and gratified those burnt hearts…..The bloody line of death bloosomed  vermins  to terrify its disciples.This is the prophecy said the crow, it weeped for so long to perceive the dusty remebrance of golden distruction, purged a cavern called body as if the world wears stigmata on the age of egotism.
It feels like hunger.Nor expanded meanings for all those infatuated matters.It shouts at deaf ears: I am hungered.Although words hungered to be heard.Time’s speachless minutes passed so silent and rageous.The hours came along  to disgrace mankind for good.Where is beauty??Memoirs  of silence were written on dirty face of everyday’s life, on people’s faceless wishes and smoked dreams.Someone could make infinite laments to numbless requiered lashes, sleepless nights, though  have you thought of all, did you??I dared to believe , not now, not ever.
Your  exquisite squeeze of dust,  that’s all. The black crow’s curved skies are ravishing  from glass-boned to nowhere, continuously  revealing the same muddy chorus.Words might have the power to conceal fear, to convey the cutting edge of life’s ??!!
Shined once and for all the brick at golden dawn, the  fake prophecies sold out and labeled  by fear.It remained  to fear  by crushing your bones, scratching your laughs it hurts to see for  all. It extorts from despair, do you??Should be gone by now, it might be whisled and taciturn.

Did they have to send biophonic transmissions for free guided torture??!!How could they when all stands to explode in front of all.Clean up the boards  of  shame , someone would erase  debauchery, threachery, deceit…..A trial was triggered against  LIFE.

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