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luni, 3 decembrie 2012


When life is a cage of dreams, still burnt it's immaculate visions of to be at present tense. I don't like to picture life as being a ray of light, a sort of hope to mankind's !You know why?!Because nothing it lasts more than a life time, everything is limited by death and time, and it makes me feel angered and sad just because of it.
It may shed a tear for hanging out with hope, for how long I may say?!I don't no, I've never noticed anything in particular than hatred spreading its plague all over the place.
Why? It's simple because we've forgotten who we really are!!!!We've sold our dreams to nowhere!!!We were defeated by alienated thoughts!We've drown onto our own failures.Life is a failure by itself?!I dwell a possibility on the matter....
( working in progress)
The 30 of November 2012, Maude from the middle of nowhere

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