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joi, 28 februarie 2013

The Third Letter

It was for silence to keep apart anything she imagined to.(Monochrome thought)


It is a story that must be told, it’s about people engaged to trivial matters of reality.It rained too much these days, she almost forgot all about she may fortell.D. spent hours contemplating change and her daily requirements from it.It’s uncomfortable to think for all.She has left the green hills and wild forests for a life on an island.It’s unbelieveable, it took centuries to all of us to declare ourselves satisfied of all we’ve gone through.It’s lie to believe so, she thinks.
She slapped the Destiny’s face and move further.D. might have thought that brilliant minds where missunderstood all the time, though great purposes will become ashes for good.
Human being must learn all the time from its own failure, though she did so.It has to be so, it will always be this way.Denial is the coward’s sword.

Nothing could chain your heart or pervert your spirit, though heavy pillars on your shoulders won’t be unbearable to none as long as she never give up, do you?Your crippled expectations must be removed from the start, she would say, you must look up and move further to a better sky above your bow.Englishness shan’t devour your nature at all.It’s about mixture and experience with multiculturalism.
People appeared coloured today.It’s beautiful!D. enjoyed every minute passed on the island, she though to build up a ship and travel all round.It’s a marvellous experience, you can’t miss it!
She sees throught the window wild footsteps on the city’s alleys, Marston Green have never been so whimsical as you thought it might be.
True minds never fake it.Strange world to belive so.D. strives every day for a reason, it keeps her going.She is lost for words.
Decode the world by words might be the hardest path to follow to, but she could find some beauty onto it,  could you? She thought that freedom must be a malevolent reason to be alive.She packed few clothes when the clock strikes midnight and ran out from the masion.She sneaked to the Oguego’s back yard and escaped.D. have defeated fear, all that she needed was to take care of perfect strangers on her way.It might be dangerous for a young woman to flock on the streets of Birmingham at midnight.

The railway station was deep onto silence, when she arrived tired and hungered, sick and dissapointed.She found a red bench to sit and think clearly what she has to do.She lightened a cigarette given by a kind gentleman who was supervising the station at that time.She appeared thanfully to him, but he couldn’t read her mind.
D. took a deep breath and started to think , though she fallen asleep on a red bench.The bench have served as shelter at that night.She has to prove all her best and continue her undefined journey to nowhere.She thought that she’s was sent for sale like a fish on the market.

Emptyness descends from dissapointment, D. have thought so, none will ever know what she felt in those moments.A poisoned heart is more fiercefull than an empty soul.


D. has received a message from a gentleman in Manchester who was looking for someone to handle with households for 200 pounds, monthly.She has considered herself lucky at that moment.She became a character trapped to a story of her own.
Everything happened so fast to her, she felt pressure to each level, though she wouldn’t say anything about living on the edge of dellussion.None have told her about risks on the matter.Life’s  shades might became pale from time to time, travelling for a job to Manchester may sound surreal to you, but to her was an escape from misfortune.
It started to rain, again.She thought of  many things on he way to Manchester.She changed the train from platform 5, in Birmingham.
The city of Manchester is  more beautiful than cloudy streets of Birmingham’s.D. stopped for a coffee into a pub nearby Manchester Piccadily Station.She received a call from Sir Sam who said that he waits for her in Dewsbury.She have started to wonder again, what she must do to get the things right and to end up this useless trip to nowhere.She wished to take a long walk into the city’s large and brightfull streets, but she realised that time is short, too short to dream with eyes wide opened.
She was longing for the beauty of the landscapes where she grew up, it has never been too harsh as here, she thought, as if Eastern shakes the hands of the West.It’s impossible!
 It wasn’t so for a headstrong woman to get the best from her life.When you’re young you may get lost onto foolish reasons and move further without a real purpose to do it.She would consider from all and learn.
You’ll never be lost, that’s for sure, even if you have to walk along the dark times of the 21-st  century.It will follow an appointment with a hideous creature whose request were under expectations, she have nourished herself to worries all the time.Sir Sam reminded to her of the scariest spirits of Vrancea’s woods, The Darkned Dwarf  who may haunt you for the rest of your life.It’s like a curse of death upon yourself.Be strong!
D. was too scared to have any reactions at the moment when she saw him.She remained outspoken and thought to ran out for the second time.She was afraid of him, because of his gloomy appearance.Reality have mocked her expectations, though she be quiet and listen.
A dreaful feeling is sneaking under her skin, she’s stoned and muted.No words, just silence.The butcher may come for tonight.
Move and flow by the wind.The West devoured the East.


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  1. "She wished to take a long walk into the city’s large and brightfull streets, but she realized that time is short, too short to dream with eyes wide opened."


    the third letter is quite powerful. a chilling end to lines... made my pulse rise...