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luni, 3 decembrie 2012

Breaking up to silence

I have found into an lighten corner those dreamless fears. Wonderful!? I have got frightened for no reasons. People like spirited hearts, laughing and sharing some of their joy with everyone round. It pouring like rain and it come closer to my heart by now. I have been longing for those silenced hours for all my life. I lay within the sky’s white clouds! I wished to be like cloud….It will be something in which I am drowning into. No I do not believe it. I wish! came out to my mouth.
I have carried away delirium and madness on my side all this time. I chilled out those foreshadowing echoes in front of yours. I have released  from fears long ago.  I dwell an possibility to flew away all my passion into the edge of madness……Yes it’s true from all! All those unwritten maps stand for red bricks, measuring the rainbow’s vibes and sunlight’s gleams.

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