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duminică, 4 decembrie 2011


Author’s comment: Be gone to its forsaken human breed, I gratify its benevolence  knowledge  and its immaculate misconception to FREEDOM OF THOUGHT

I may spring  from  all
whereas I am flirting to Time’s
Lost to mid-way
Escaped graph on my words
Of all
Should begotten  though by  its meaningless
Matters ?
Rough  vows
A pyre unbound
Spit fire
Lore be trapped
By freedom
Nor will be crowned of despised
Hooligans’ sharped  tongues may scream
Their shouts have conquered  the bricked road
Of poor minded venomous guts
Speechless be found  and I  lost
In delusion
Nor by its dust
Or of rust to your thought
A silent playground for all
Landed to inglorious mankind
A broken connection
May ‘bound
To its faceless pride
Shake hands
An bloodshed
Be still
Then ARISE…….


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