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duminică, 4 decembrie 2011

The 5-th Scream

Folio’s  loud voice  may speak:
‘’Beheaded Truth and filthy
Alongside  to its trails of madness
Nor sanity could forbid any of my immaculate
Nor murderer may crawl such an harsh bloody-faced
Above my bowl
A drowned world  develops its patterns
Deep and hither to my ears
And voices sung so  mean
The hour
The hour
The hours –
My empowered words have got
Connected with the bones
And ashen fingers
 Broken past-
I growl  for no reason
Unbound thy  voiceless worm
Though may be called reality
I speak to thy  you hungered puppets
Play into the cradle
Now it’s time
I have no need of language
Nor of your insane  systems
To recall
Of my greed and power
My own dirty hands
Nor cleansed  have christened my tears 
Good - now you have seen through all
Have you seen
Nor likeness or merciful sympathy
It all be dust
Let it be dust and spoiled sorrows’’


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